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The materials inside your kit

1 on 1 training with the artist.

  • 2 Day Course

  • Certification immediately after the 2nd day

  • First Lip Blush completed during training

  • 4 Different training packages with 4 different prices to suit your needs

  • No where to get started once certified? We have a bed to rent you- with equipment incl. for our students!

  • Worried you won't get clients? Speak to us about our marketing training

  • We are proud to regularly receive students from across Canada, please verify provincial laws if you require additional certificates to begin your profession in your province

More than a generic class, it's a mentorship

Upon request from girls wishing to be trained, the artist began to structure a formal (and certifiable) mentorship that includes a whole day of theory and a second day of review and practice on a live model.

What you'll learn ; color theory for skin undertones, what kind of pressure to use on the lip, needle depth, sanitary measures, a checklist of equipment, what to charge and much more.

*As a bonus, the artist will teach her student on the technique of neutralizing dark toned lips.

Winding Staircase
Blue Red Clean & Corporate Workplace Health & Safety Rules Health Explainer Poster (2).png
Winding Staircase
Blue Red Clean & Corporate Workplace Health & Safety Rules Health Explainer Poster.png

Ongoing Support

Your artist will serve as a 24/7 guideline for life.

You can contact the artist regarding concerns, ideas and exchange of newfound information once you are out on the field.

If you let your artist know that you need extra days of shadowing, you may coordinate this with her after your course completion.

If you are a new business owner, an extension course is also available that covers social media marketing, workable photo angles, content creation and marketable wording.

Should you not have a location to work from once you complete the course, speak with your artist about room renting availabilities by the hour or the day to ensure that your career gets rolling!

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Student Rental Bed
Available once certified

Over 500 students were certified/mentored by Harlow Clinique from 2022-2024

Our students come from across Canada and the USA to work with us
Please check your provincial or state regulations before taking our training

Black Marble
Ready to Become A Lip Blush Artist?
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